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Jaya Shyam Johnson, Heritage Square, Colorado. (granddaughter-in-law of Darwin and Mary Alice Golden, daughter-in-law
of Laura Raile). Heritage Square, Colorado. April, 2002.



Everett, here is the collection we have to work with, so far.  Bill


------$10$Dana Stephenson 12/14/2002

Hello Everett! Nice to hear from you. You can see the geneology information I have at, then click on Dana's Family Vine. It looks like you, your father, and your brother are already in there! My great-great-great-grandfather is your great-great-grandfather -- George Wesley Spees, so we are 3rd cousins, once-removed. How do you do!

You are certainly welcome to review what I have online, however I cannot send it to you in any format like Gedcom because I wrote my own custom database and Web application (which is the type of thing I do for a living, and I put this together years ago when I was learning some of the techniques).

It sounds like you have some fascinating information, I would love to see it!

--------$20$EKS 12/18

Dear John Merz and Minerva Howard:

I am a descendant of Fredeick Spies, and interested in completing our genealogy. From this correspondence I came across on Google, it appears that you may have some specific
information about our forbear and perhaps the whole body of information about who the Hessian soldiers were, how they came to the US, etc.

We are in the descendent line of Frederick through his son, Christon, etc.

By the way, what is the PML Digest? Do you know of other INternet links to the information I am seeking?

Thank you so much for your assistance. I hope these Email addresses are still current.

Best. Everett K. Spees



From: "John Merz" <>
Subject: [REV-HESSIANS] Re: PML Digest - Spees/Spies.
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 22:21:52 -0400

Hello, I guess you are looking for the Hesse-Kassel soldierFriedrich SPIES of the Regiment Erbprinz, 3. Comp. who probablywas taken prisoner at Yorktown, Virginia in Oct 1781, kept a POWat Frederick, Maryland, and on the march to New York in May 1783deserted from the troops. He was not a defector as described, hestuck with his comrades up to the time the return of the Regiment toGermany was planned. That was the time for him to make a decision.(Hetrina III#14146/47)Just to help you out,Cheers,John Merz.listowner -<>> Subject:  [GERMANNA] Frederick Spees>> I am looking for the war record of Frederick Spees who was> born 1757 in Schwebda, Hessen Kassel, Hessen Germany.He came to the States as a Hessian> soldier but defected and fought for the Colonies.  After the war he wasin> Pennsylvania but died in Bracken Co, Ky.  Looking for war record, land> grants or pension after war.  Thanks.>> M.S. Howard>

----$40$Jane Curci 12/20/2002

Hello Speece family members,

I have a Hessian soldier ancestor, Arnold Haupt. I also have a family member,Susan Putt who married Henry Spiece/Speece ? (see deed below) in Huntingdon Co. PA (not to far from MD border.

I belong to John Merz mailing list for ancestors or interested people in the Hessian soldier decendants contributions to society following the American Revolution.

Please see your ancestor's record. The Schwalm Organization requests your line.

Best regards and Merry Christmas,

Jane Curci
Naples FL


Hello, and welcome to our list - one correction first - Yorktown surrender was in Oct. 1781. 
Next - we have discussed your ancestor quite at length just this July 2002. If you would check our mail list archives, you  would find a few cousins of yours.
Have fun,
John Merz

From: <>

Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2002 9:50 PM

I am looking for links for Frederick (Jon/Johann/Friederick) Spies/Spees(?),
who I have heard was in the Regiment Erbprinz, Comp. 3, captured in Yorktown
in October 1761, and a POW at Frederick, MD. Being neew to AMREV-HESSIANS, I
haven't learned yet how to find more about him or his brother (unknown name)
through the system.  <SNIP>

Spies, Friedrich (Spees) Hesse-Cassel; Schwebda; Private; Erb Prinz Reg. Co. 3; HETRINA Vol III; Deserted May 1783 from POW status.
Contact: Tim Chew

Contact: Janet Moorhead




From: "John H.Merz" <>
Subject: [HESSIAN] Re: Spies, Friedrich (Spees) Hessian Spees
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 11:39:49 -0400
References: <<>>

This entry shortened by the host of this mailing list, yours truly, John Merz.(btw. Hetrina III #14146 gives his date of birth as 1756/57)From: <>Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2002 1:11 AMSubject: Spies, Friedrich (Spees) Hessian SpeesJane Curciwmcurci@aol.comSpies, Friedrich (Spees)    Schwebda; Private; Erb Prinz Reg. Co. 3; HETRINA Vol III; Deserted May 1783 from POW status.SPEES, Christon Abt 1730    Schwebda,Germany       Germany     :1858817 SPEES, Frederick    Abt 1757    Schwebda,Germany    APR 1833    Bracken Co,Kentucky     :1858817 Father: Christon SPEES Spouse: Elizabeth MOZIER Spees, Frederick , Sr.  1763    Schwebda Hassel, Hessie Cattle, Hessen, Germany     APR 1833    Bracken Co., Ky.    timchew Father: Christon Spees Spouse: Elizabeth Mozier Spees, Frederick , Sr.  1763    Schwebda Hassel, Hessie Cattle, Hessen, Germany     APR 1833    Bracken Co., Ky.    timmychew Father: Christon Spees Spouse: Elizabeth Mozier ------------------------------------------------------------------------;------------------------------------------------------------------------ID: I20389 *   Name: Frederick Spees , Sr. 1 *   Sex: M *   Birth: 1763 in Schwebda Hassel, Hessie Cattle, Hessen, Germany 1 *   Death: APR 1833 in Bracken Co., Ky. 1 *   Reference Number: 2372Father: Christon Spees b: in GermanyMarriage 1 Elizabeth Mozier b: in Lancaster Co., Pa.*   Married: 1786 in Lancaster Co., Pa. 1Children1.   Christon Spees b: 24 NOV 1786 in Lancaster Co., Pa.2.   George Spees b: 14 JUL 1788 in Bedford Co., Pa.3.   Frederick Spees , Jr. b: 30 JAN 17944.   Henry Spees b: 16 JUL 17965.   Daniel Spees b: 13 JAN 1802 in Bracken Co., Ky.6.   Mary Spees b: 5 MAY 1804 in Bracken Co., Ky.7.   William Spees b: 20 AUG 1809 in Bracken Co., Ky.8.   Rachel Spees b: 6 JUN 1813 in Bracken Co., Ky.Sources:1.  Title: Robert Davis.FTWRepository: Call Number: Media: OtherText: Date of Import: Dec 14, 2001 -------------------------------------------------------------------------*   ID: I1857 *   Name: Frederick SPEES *   Sex: M *   Birth: Abt 1757 in Schwebda,Germany *   Death: APR 1833 in Bracken Co,Kentucky *   Note: AFN: GGPC-Z4 *   Change Date: 7 JAN 2002 at 14:09:18Father: Christon SPEES b: Abt 1730 in Schwebda,GermanyMarriage 1 Elizabeth MOZIER b: Abt 1765*   Married: Abt 1781 in Lancaster Co,PAChildren

Re: Arnold Haupt (My ancestor)
- ALSO -
Posted by: J C (ID *****5058) Date: April 13, 2002 at 18:18:54
of 144

This Indenture
made the first day of April in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and Eighty: Between Samuel Putt and Elizabeth his wife, Joseph Putt, William Putt, William
Figard and Catharine his wife, all of Liberty Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, Andrew Donaldson and Sarah his wife of Carbon Township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, Henry Savitz and Elizabeth his wife, David Russell and
Rosanna his wife of Hopewell Township in said County of Bedford, and Henry Spiece and Susan his wife of Lincoln Township in said County of Huntington parties of the
first part, And Lewis S. Putt of Hopewell Township aforesaid, and Simon S. Putt of Riddlesburg in said County of Bedford, parties of the second part.
=Whereas parties of the first part, to wit: Michael Putt in his lifetime agreedto sell and convey to Jacob Putt father of said parties of the second part, and ofother children a certain piece, parcel and lot of ground situate in Hopewell
Township in the village of Puttstown hereinafter fully described and although the said Jacob Putt paid the whole of the purchase money the said Michael Putt died without having made a
Deed therefor: And whereas, the other heirs of the said Jacob Putt have released to the said parties of the second part, all their right, title and interest in and-to-said Lot of ground: therefore for the purpose of vesting in said Lewis S. Putt and Simon S. Putt the legal title to said premises the said parties of the first part being the children and heirs at law? of the said Michael Putt, for the consideration of the premises and the further sum of one dollar to them in kind paid by the said Lewis S. Putt and Simon S. Putt have remised, released and forever
quit-claimed and by these presents; do remise, release and forever quit claim untilthe said Lewis S. Putt and Simon S. Putt and their heirs and assigns. All their right, title and interest in and to all that certain piece, parcel and lot of ground situate, lying and being on both sides of the public road in the village of Puttstown in said Township of Hopewell, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, bounded and described by courses and distances as follows, viz: Beginning at a post in public road, thence by lands of ? M. Stoler South twenty four and a half degrees East nineteen and three tenths perches to a post: thence by lands of William S. and John S. Enyeart north twenty one degrees East, twenty and eight tenths perches to stones; thence north thirty four and a half degrees west, thirteen and eight tenths perches to a chestnut stump: thence by lands late of Rev. P. D. Collins, north seventy five degrees west, eleven and two tenths perches to a post: thence by lands
of said parties of the second part, South one and a half degrees west fifteen and five tenths, perches to the public road and thence along said public road South seventy one degrees East four and six tenths perches to the fence of beginning, containing two acres and twenty perches with the appurtenances: To Have and to Hold the said described premises with the appurtenances, unto the said Lewis S. Putt and Simon S. Putt and their heirs and assigns, to and for the only proper use and behoof of the said parties of the second part, and their heirs and assigns forever.
in Witness Whereof, the parties to these presents have, hereunto set their hands and seals this day and year first above written.
Sealed and Delivered
in the presence of
Thos Fulton Samuel Putt Seal

J. L. Miller Elizabeth x Putt

Joseph Putt

William x Putt

Samuel x Donaldson

Andrew B. x Donaldson

Elizabeth x Savets

Henry x Savets

Rosanna x Russell

David Russell

Mary x Russell

Susan Speece

H. Speece

Catharine x Figard

William Figard

----$50$EKS 12/20/2002 (to Hal Schwalm)


Your Hessian Soldier site ( lists my forbear and asks for any subsequent information about him. What would you like to know? I have an evolving and now rather complete genealogy down to the present day, as well as some information about his forbears, if such data would interest you.
There is a family legend that he had a brother who was in the same Hessian unit who died in/after battle. Any clues?

Our family has an undocumented legend about Frederick Spies/Spees (mystery about evolution of surname spelling)(I am his great-great-great-great grandson.), that he and his brother were Hessian soldiers, fought the Continental Army, the brother was killed, and Frederick joined the Continental Army after being captured. Frederick became a farmer and later a pharmacist after the war, and left a will in Bracken CO, KY when he died. I once saw a copy of it. It listed property, land, and slaves in Bracken CO. He married Eizabeth Mozier, a German girl from Pennsylvania, and they had eight children from 1786 through 1813 most of whom I know something about, especially those in my line of descent: Christon, George Wesley,  Everett Finley, Walter Lee, and my father, Everett K. Spees.

My third cousin, once removed has also published a nice genealogy starting with Fredeick Spies:

Could you direct me to a site or literary reference that discussses the Hessian soldiers history, life, battles, etc., particularly battles that might relate to my forbear(s). I am new to this area of research.

Danke sehr! Und ein frohlichen Weinacht und neues Jahr!.

Everett K. Spees (Jr.)

----EKS 12/20/2002 (to Jim Rexroat)

John Bryce Spees, M.D.
Author: Fran Hunt Date: 31 May 2000 12:00 PM GMT
Surnames: Spees, Young, Endersby, Miller, Manning
Classification: Biography

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From the Portrait and Biographical Album of Jefferson and Van Buren Counties – 1890
John Bryce Spees, M.D., retired physician of Birmingham, was born in Bracken county Kentucky, October 16, 1814, and is the only survivor in a family of seven children, six sons and one daughter, of whom he was the eldest. The parents were Christian and Mary Young Spees. The family is of German and English extraction. The paternal grandfather of our subject, native of Germany, crossed the Atlantic and located in Pennsylvania, where he met and married a lady of German descent. Their son Christian was born in the Keystone State in 1788, and when a lad of nine summers accompanied his parents on their emigration to Kentucky, which State was then in such a wild and unsettled condition that they had to live in forts to protect themselves against the Indians. On reaching man’s estate, Christian Spees married Miss Young who was born about 1795 in Pennsylvania. Her ancestors were of English birth and were among the early settlers of Virginia during Colonial days. In the state where their marriage was celebrated Mr. and Mrs. Spees continued to make their home until their lives on earth was ended and they were called to the rest prepared for the righteous. Mr. Spees made farming the means of maintenance for his family, but as a labor of love performed much service as a local minister in the Methodist Church. He was aided in his noble efforts by his wife, and the influence which they exerted for good was certainly not without its results. They died in 1852, within a day of each other of cholera.
The early history of Dr. Spees is a record of struggles to overcome the disadvantages, which surrounded him in his youth. He had almost no educational opportunities, yet he was of a studious nature and determined will, and by private study, he became well informed, fitting himself for the profession of teaching, which he followed several years. Every moment he could find from his school duties, he devoted to reading medicine, and under the direction of his cousin, Dr. S.J. Spees, and his brother, Dr. T.M. Spees, of Hillsboro Ohio, he continued his studies. In 1843 and 1844, he attended a course of lectures in the Ohio Medical College of Cincinnati. His first visit to the Territory of Iowa occurred in 1843, when with the desire to better his financial condition he made a claim near Ottumwa upon which he built two cabins. He then returned and took the course of lectures before mentioned but during his absence his claim was jumped and on his return, fining that he could do nothing to regain possession of his property, he started once more for Ohio, but fate had other things in store for him and the West was yet to be his home. He believed that the village of Birmingham offered fair opportunities for one of his profession and at that place opened an office but at the end of the first year he found himself $50 in deft for his board and because he could not pay, his landlord drove him off. However he had not the money with which to go elsewhere and it was necessary that he remain where he was. Perseverance, energy and ability at length won him a patronage and for fifteen years he practiced very successfully in this community. Throughout the country round about, calls were made for Dr. Spees and often he would ride as much as fifteen or twenty miles. He not only manifested an interest in his profession as the means whereby he might gain a livelihood, but his sympathy for his patients and genial and pleasant words proved an excellent tonic in the sick room and made him many warm friends. As his financial resources increased he made judicious investments in land and he is now the owner of one thousand, six hundred and forty-five acres, much of which yields to him a golden tribute. He has now practically retired from the profession but still prescribes for a few old friends who are not willing to change their well-known family physician for a stranger.
Near Birmingham, on April 9, 1846, Dr. Spees and Miss Susanna Endersby were united in marriage. The lady was born in Gilden Morden, Cambridgeshire, England, December 17, 1824, and when seventeen years of age accompanied her father to this country, locating in Hillsboro, Henry County. He died in Lee County at the age of seventy-five years. The Doctor and his wife began their domestic life in a portion of the house which is still their home and seven children came to bless their union—Cephus, a resident farmer of Van Buren County; Thomas L. and Linnaeus R. who died in childhood; John C. a farmer of Lewis County Missouri; Mary M., wife of David Miller a resident of Van Buren County; Florence E., wife of William Spees who is also living in this county, as does Helen I. and her husband George Manning.
Dr. Spees is known throughout the greater part of Iowa and is one of the honored and prominent pioneers. In many ways he has been identified with the building up and advancement of town, county and state. He helped to secure the corporation for Birmingham and served as Mayor of the city. He came to this place when four families constituted its population. He was the first to build away from the square and thus give a new direction to the town.
In past years Dr. Spees has given employment to a great many men, and always paid them promptly. Five men who were his tenants, made sufficient money while in possession of his property, to enable them each to buy homes of their own. He has acted generously with his patients, never having sued any of them for pay for his services and cheerfully given his attendance to those unable to pay.
With the State history he is also connected. As a candidate of the Whig Party, he was elected in 1850 to the State Senate form this district. He assisted in establishing the capital at Des Moines and in publishing the first statutes of Iowa. On the dissolution of the Whig Party he joined the new Republican Party, but at late years has been independent in politics. A faithful friend to many, he in turn has many friends who respect and love him for the valuable service he has rendered in time of affliction.
I am not related, and am only copying this for the information of those who might find this person in their family.

----$60$EKS 12/21/2002

I have been doing some more sleuthing about genealogy of our forbear, Pvt. Friedrich (Jon/Johannes) Spies (Spees)(Born 1763), Hesse Cassel Erdprinz Regiment, 3. comp., taken prisoner by Washington's forces at Yorktown, VA, October, 1781, at age 18. He was imprisoned in a POW camp in Frederick, MD, and as his regiment was marched toward New York for repatriation, he deserted and made a new life, of which we are heir.

Family tradition (but no proof that I know of ) hold that he joined the Continental Army and served for several years until he met and married Elizabeth Mozier/Moser, a German-American, in Lancaster CO, PA. Of about 30,000 Hessian soldiers he accompanied to America, about 6500 never returned to Germany. Prince Friedrich of Hesse Cassel had contracted with the British government to supply the troops and transport them to America to help quell the American rebellion.

I attach a 17th century map showing Cassel, the capitol of Hesse Cassel, and some figures in the foreground dressed as I assume Friedrich might have dressed a few decades later.

Today I ran across the flag of his regiment, published in full color. It is quite beautiful, so please enjoy if you are interested. I have always wondered whether our family had a coat of arms. This comes pretty close to it. There is more history on the internet. Just try Hesse Cassel on, and you will see loads more

Everett: Get me a url for this huge 1MB+ picture, and I will make this 52K version a link to the original. 

This one is 20% height and width (1/25 as many pixels) and then thinned to 65% quality. 

So far, in building this page from your emails, I haven't seen the flag you mentioned 12/31.

----$70$EKS 12/21/2002 emailed link to original of this image HessianUniform.jpg 15K optimized

----$80$EKS 12/22/2002 (to Jim Rexroat)

Dear Jim:

Thanks for your note. You probably already know about Stephen Spees's site with a lot of good genealogy information on the (Alsace originating) Spees line. I just heard from him at He has the very original and amusing URL with animations at

----$90$EKS 12/25/2002

I just received this interesting communication from a member of the "other" spees family tree (their Spies/Spees progenitor was from Alsace pre-Revolutionary War.) I have recently (after my brother Bill sent me some hot clues) been connecting with other Internet special interest groups who are tracing Hessian soldiers who stayed in America after the Revolutionary War.

Stephen Spees uploaded digital copies pages of an old family bible containing references to Christon Spees, son of Frederick Spies/Spees, as well as other forbears. Also there is a link to an early map of Kentucky where these people lived (Bracken County at the top of the map, right on the Ohio river).

I had heard from Dad, Grandpa Spees, and other family members (always vague) about the existence of this old bible genealogy, but never expected to see it in my lifetime. I am going to ask Stephen more about whose bible it was and how he came to have these images.


----$100$Stephen Spees 12/26/2002

The date is 1836, and the copy I have is a Xerox copy. I am from Tulsa, where my parents still live today. On or before 1969-71, the bible was in possesion of a Griffin family, who attended the United Methodist Church on Boulder in Tulsa. My parents and I heard about it and I asked for copies of the front entries. My parents have been contacted in the past several times.

I am also looking at the Bacon families, on my mothers side. Thats another story.

My website summarizes the search for my roots. In 1992 I was at Fort Knox, Ky, only 1/2 day from Ohio and I took the weekends to search local libraries for connections. I also contacted and visited Kentucky. I found the old family farm, a distance relative and several Spees families still living there.  I met J.T. Spees and relatives there in Paducah. Jerreta Followell in Paducah and wrote to Royal Spees in Eastern Tennesse who is I believe, related to a David Spees, a Physician in California.

I have determined that there are at least 5-6 Separate Spees lines by family and more by migration after 1790. Spees naming conventions are phonetic and mine and yours are really simpler.  I have no email addresses for the Paducah families but believe they are the direct line in the bible. The lines go very far, and no doubt yours is connected. My line may be the brother of one of them.. I can only go back to PA in about 1775.

Just about 1/2 the Spees in the USA are decended from the 1-3 families out of Pennsylvania.
Robert Spees from Alaska has traced his line from NY, about 1776 directly. We have written many years back.  I have only wanted to find my line but have found the stories from so many families.

Children who died young and of fathers and mothers who took long trips to get medicine for them. I have visited the cemetaries on the farms of my ancestors and seen the small worn stones marking the 1-3 year olds who died in the winter months. It's no wonder families had many children, they saw the frailty of life first hand and more family put them closer together and helped to build their farms. My G-Grandfather was the last in his family and I am the 2nd line from his 2nd marriage. Why his first family was left, I will never know.

As you take time to explore your past, be ready for the unexpected and enjoy the trip of finding your family from the past. Some is happy some is sad, but that is what life brings us.

Message back anytime,


At 07:42 PM 12/25/02 -0500, you wrote:

Dear Stephen:

And a very Merry Christmas to you and your family, too!

Thanks so much for sharing the digital images of the family Bible directory. Could you help me with the correct publication date on the first page of the New Testament? It looks like 1836? My copy is a bit smudged.

Also I was wondering if you could tell me whose Bible this was, where the family was living, and how it was brought to light. Perhaps you could tell me how to contact the individual who shared the information with you. Also do you have any email addresses for my Paducah Spees line in Paducah? We used to go visiting there when I was a young lad, but that was 40-50 years ago. Do you know the relationship of the other individuals listed on these bible pages to the Spees line members?

Thanks for making my Christmas so exciting. I can't tell you the thrill I get from seeing those (to me) famous names written in such old handwriting. I am sharing this information with other family members who are interested in genealogy.

Best wishes. Everett Spees

----$110$Jeretta Spees Followell 12/26/2002

Dear Everett

Have been enjoying reading & printing out your info & e-mail on the Spees lines all afternoon. As usual when something new is added I have problems. Enjoying all the info,that you sent,thanks so much. Was so suprised and happy to hear from you. Hope I empted everything I needed so I can receive more great info from you. I now have Yahoo and Paducah On Line, so I think this is causing some problems and confusion. Looking forward to sharing lots of Spees data, pictures etc with you.

Love Jerretta

----$120$EKS 12/28/2002 (family tree already has its own page.  Bill)


Here, courtesy of Tina and Jeretta Spees Followell, is the genealogy of the

main "other" Spees family whose forbears arrived in America in the early

1700's, and from whom Stephen Spees, who recently wrote me, is descended.

They were fighting on the American side during the Revolutionary War. This

aids in sorting out genealogy information on the Internet.

Happy New Year. Everett

----$130$from EKS 12/28/2002 (to Bill)

I was thinking of rewriting or making addenda in Dad's first autobiography chapter to incorporate the updates, as well as perhaps some entries from Doy's autobiography. Also Jeretta is planning to review the photos she has. She already shared a lot of them with Dad, and that is likely be where our best old ones on the ekssr.tripod came from. There may not be significant others. She has seen the original photo of J.C. Spees that was on the cover of the Spees Tribe booklet of 1912.


----$140$From EKS 12/28/2002 (to Bill)

I thought your eulogy was great. Why don't you put that on the 'ekssr.tripod' site too. Will try to find it.  Bill

----$150$RC Brooks 12/28/2002

> According to family information <CLIP> were said to be from "Schwedba Hessel, Hessie Cattle, Hessen, Germany." Those terms do not seem to be current. Perhaps  some of the 18th century term represents a parish? Do you have any  suggestions about possible name evolutions, and if so what the modern area or town designation(s) would be?

I suspect that "Schwedba Hessel, Hessie Cattle, Hessen, Germany" is more of a corrupted transcription than a placename change. "Hessie Cattle" doubtless is "Hesse Cassle" or more correctly "Hesse Cassel" today's "Kassel." "Schwedba" is probably a typographical error for "Schwebda" as HETRINA III says Friedrich Spies (ERB3) was from "Schwebda." By the way, HETRINA III also lists Heinrich Spies (ERB3; b. ca. 1753-54) as also coming from Schwebda.. Friedrich is coded as as deserter/POW on May 1783. The Regiment Erbprinz capitulated at Yorktown in Oct 1781 and were interred at Frederick MD. The May 1783 entry suggests he decided to remain in America when the POWs were repatriated. Heinrich is listed as deserting in April 1781.

There still is a village of Schwebda on the Werra River in Hessen about 15-20 miles ESE of Kassel on highway 249.

Put "Schwedba" in the "City" block (and leave everything else blank) and click "Get Map". On the map screen click "Big Map" at the upper right corner of the map, then at the next screen zoom in.

Bob Brooks

----$160$Bonnie Weisel 12/30/2002 []

I think it unlikely the two Conrad Spiess are identical, but possible they are descended somewhere back in time. Also Adolph was not a name used in the parish registers I searched for my Weisels.

Hesse Cassel / Kassel is a state with thousands of villages / parishes located in the northern 1/3 of Hesse. My families came from an area not far south of what was formerly Hesse Cassel. You can search

the HESSE-L archives at for MANY queries/replies

about Hesse Cassel.

You should be able to find your Conrad Spiess ancestor from the "Hetrina" and John Merz. Have you pursued this path? I include some extracts from searching google for hetrina and merz. I would suggest you subscribe to the AMREV-HESSIANS-L list. Once you find the village/parish it is very likely the church records have been filmed and can be requested from a LDS FHL.

Good luck and let me know where you find your Conrad.

Bonnie Weisel

Madison, WI

From: "John H.Merz" <>

Subject: Re: [HESSIAN] HETRINA lookups

Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 11:41:02 -0400

References: <<>>

Hello Cindy,

your best bet to get useful information is to put your ancestors name up front, with as much detail as possible. That'll give us a chance to search for it. Besides - Hetrina is not the only source, because it covers only soldiers serving with Hessian Regiments, and not the Brunswickers, Ansbach-Bayreuthers or Anhalt-Zerbst. Cheers, John Merz




Susan - You can find a complete list of the Hessians who served in America during the Revolutionary War in the HETRINA program, the printout in three volumes of a project that was done by Germans honoring the American bicentennial in 1976. It lists Hessian soldiers by name and military unit and gives their town of origin. It seems that not many people know about HETRINA, but it is in regional depositories like the Pennsylvania Genealogical Society at 1300 Locust Street in Philadelphia. Using it I made the connection between my first ancestor in the US and his origins in Schorbach, Hessen-Cassel. A search of the Protestant Reformed Church's records there gave me his date of birth and the names and dates of his father, mother and two grandfathers.





At 04:09 PM 12/28/2002 -0500, you wrote:

>Dear Bonnie:


>I ran across your genealogy on, and I wonder if we share

>forbears, in particular Conrad Spiess (Your I.D. I182).


>My forbear who came to American from Hessen was Friederick Spies (or

>Spiess?). (1781-1833) He was a Private in the Erbprinz Regiment, 3

>Comp., captured at Yorktown in 1781, and deserted from a POW march in

>1783, settling in Pennsylvania and then Kentucky.


>According to family legend he and his father, Adolph Christon Spies

>(Spiess?)(1729-1805), and father Adolph Christon Spies (Spiess?)

>(1729-1805) were from "Hessen, Hessie Cattel (or Kassel?), Hessen,

>Germany." His grandfather, Conrad Spies (Spiess?) (1707/8 -1778) had an

>unknown birthplace, but most likely in Hessen. I am wondering whether

>the two Conrad Spies

>(Spiess?) individuals are identical.


>So far we have not been able to learn any more about the Hesse, Hesse


>(Kassel?) location, or whether it refers to a Parish community in Hessen. If

>so, we might be able to access parish records.


>Since your forbear had a similar name and was also from Hessen, I

>wonder if you have any further thoughts. Wouldn't it be fun if these

>matched? I also have information on another Spies line that immigrated

>in 1702, and involved a different Conrad Spies.


>Best. Everett K. Spees, MD

----$170$EKS 12/30/2002 (to Mary Syphus)

Dear Mary:

Jeretta Followell gave me your email address.

I am Everett Spees (Jr.). Dad died in 1996, however Jeretta thinks he

corresponded with you in the past in his genealogy quest. I was always at his

elbow in the genealogy interest, and have been pleased this year to be able

to acquire more valid information to flesh out my FTW program genealogy. The

John Metz Hessian soldier Internet site has been especially helpful. Jeretta

has provided me with some interesting data recently and mentioned your

contributions to her work.

My big interest right now is in learning about our forbear Friedrich, or

Johan Friederick Spies, since that has always been the vague area for me.

Jeretta told me that you have some documentation about him and his family in

Schwabda, as well as a local contact person there who might be able to

provide some information. I would be most interested to know what you have. I

just learned that HETRINA vol 3 also lists a Heinrich Spies from Schwebda as

another Hessian soldier from Schwebda who was in the Revolutionary War and

deserted the same Erbprinz regiment in 1781. I do not know what his

relationship might be to our forbear, and I have not been able to discover

what happened to him, although his name may have been phonetically spelled

some other way, or perhaps he had another given name plus the Heinrich. Also

he could have died or remained a bachelor I guess. I have run across many

spellings of the name that are not explained.

There are also some Spiess families from nearby Hessen locations in some of

the Internet family tree listings, but I don't know where they fit in, if at

all. It appears that people with similar names lived in several locations

around Kassel.

I am curious about the history of Schwebda and what has happened to it up to

the present. In 1946-47 our family was in Erlangen (near Nuremberg), not far

from Schwebda during my father's assignment in the US Army of Occupation,

however at that time we did not know that Schwebda existed or had any

relationship to our family history, so we never visited there.

Also I assume that our forbear and his family were Lutheran or some other

evangelical faith. What do we know about those matters. I believe they were

Methodists after coming to the US.

I also am vague about some of Friedrich's grandchildren and their progeny. I

will be glad to share my part of the Spees line down from Walter L. Spees, my

grandfather. For example, I could send my genealogy in GEDCOM format if you

wish. I believe it has over 500 names currently.

I would love to add your branch of the family to my genealogy. I have been

corresponding with Helen Spees, and she sent me many records her husband had

kept from J. C. Spees's writings. I heard that there was a photo of J. C.

Spees from which the image on the Spees Tribe pamphlet was taken. I would

love to get a good copy of that photo as well as any other family photos to

put on our family web site. If you are interested, we have our "old folks"

photo collection there at Also do you know about the

genealogy at It is quite interesting, a program written

by a young Spees descendent (woman).

Also I have found Friedrick's regimental battle flag (in full color) on the

Internet, as well as many articles about Hessian soldiers, and Hessian

military uniforms and tactics, etc.

Happy New Year. Everett K. Spees, MD

----$180$Mary Syphys 12/30/2002

Will be excited to correspond with you. I have a great deal of data but not much about Schwabda. I had sent to a friend in Germany, who is deceased now, and he sent me the address of the church

where I got the copies of Spies records. I can send you data.

Another relative got the records from me several years ago: Dan Beardsley. He and his wife went to Schwabda two years ago or three. They went and talked to the pastor of the church and confirmed the data I had received from there. I have not found any other data going back from that early dates. Dan has not sent me any data either so I assume he has not found any other connections going back. You have done more research in Germany than I have. The Hessioan soldier records have been hard for me to find. I think that Henrich was in the American Navy but it appears I am wrong. The Henrich I found was on an American ship that sank near Maryland ?  Later he is found in Baltimore. I think Jeretta thought he was killed in the war. There is lots more to find out.

I believe I have a marriage for him but must look into my records. I have company for the holiday ahead and will contact you later. I do not want to duplicate what Jerretta sends to you. So, we will figure it out later.

My address is: (MY HUSBAND IS FAY BEEBE SYPHUS JR.) He is 73 and I am 71 in January. We have six children: four sons and the two girls. They have given us 32 grandchildren and we had one great-grandchild. Two more are on the way. I have diabetes and do not do much any more in the way of research

but I will share what I have and love to get data from others. Best



3838 W. 200 N.


TELEPHONE: 435-635-3035

----$190$Togin Cassell 12/31/2002 []

Most descendants of the Cassel/Cassell/Cossel family interest me even though it is my husband's family line. Here is some of what I have on Mary Spees and family. My information on Mary Spees orginally came from Lois Cossel McMillin <>. Lois and my husband both descend from different sons of John Franklin Cassell. (Abraham Gabriel Cassel for my husband and Michael Cossel for Lois.) Asa Cossel is the brother of Lois' great-grandfather, William A. Cossel (both sons of Michael Cossel.)

As for the Speece names listed in my tree..... I cannot verify this information. Mary Ann Speece was supposedly the first or second wife of Stephen Amend (Amon). Stephen was the brother of my husband's 4th great-grandfather, Phillip Amen.

Descendants of Frederick Speece

1 Frederick Speece b: in Pennslyvania

.. +Martha G. b: 1807 in Kentucky

. 2 Mary Ann Speece b: November 18, 1828 in Kentucky d: August 07,

1901 in Warsaw, Hancock Co., Illinois

..... +Stephen Amend Amon b: April 14, 1819 in Oggersheim Mutterstadt,

Eyer, Germany d: March 22, 1869 in Warsaw, Hancock Co., Illinois

Father: George Philip Amend, Sr. Mother: Anna Maria Betz

It is interesting how the Spees/Speece, Cassel/Cassell/Cossel and Amen/Amend

families seem to relate.

I hope you find this answers most of your questions.

Togin Cassell

Napa, CA

Direct Descendants of John Franklin Cassell to the children of Asa Cossel &

Mary Louise Spees (with siblings)

1 John Franklin Cassell b: January 01, 1799 in Washington County,

Virginia d: March 23, 1886 in Clayton, Adams County, Illinois

Father: Michael Cassel Mother: Mary Fleenor

.. +Anna Mary Weeks b: 1797 in Tennessee m: Bef. 1821 in Virginia

d: March 1855 in Coles County, Illinois

. 2 Gabriel Cassell b: February 11, 1821 in Near Abington, Washington

County, Virginia d: December 25, 1897 in Adams County, Illinois

Burial: Old West Side Cemetery, Clayton, Adams County, Illinois

Comment 1: See notes

. 2 Michael Cossel b: March 04, 1822 in Washington County, Virginia

d: September 12, 1907 in Grove Twp, Davis County, Iowa Burial: Barker

Cemetery, Missouri Comment 1: Michael Cassell m. Martha McCord

12/31/1845, Coles Co., IL Batch number M533821 LDS records.

..... +Martha McCord b: March 28, 1822 in Knox County, Indiana m:

December 31, 1845 in Charleston, Coles County, Illinois d: March 13, 1907 in

Grove Twp, Davis County, Iowa Burial: Barker Cemetery, Missouri Father:

Asa McCord Mother: Rachel Duty

..... 3 Thomas Irvine Cossel b: June 29, 1847 in Locust Grove,

Jefferson County, Iowa d: May 15, 1934 in Putnum County, Missouri

Burial: St. John Cemetery, n. of Livonia, Missouri

..... 3 Isaac E. Cossel b: April 30, 1849 in Locust Grove, Jefferson

County, Iowa d: March 20, 1922 in Grove Township, Davis County, Iowa

Burial: Barker Cemetery, Scotland County, Missouri Comment 1: Helped build

the Barker church

..... 3 Rachel Ann Cossel b: 1851 in Locust Grove, Jefferson County,

Iowa d: 1934

..... 3 William A. Cossel b: April 24, 1853 in Locust Grove, Jefferson

County, Iowa d: May 07, 1935 in Hitt, Scotland County, Missouri

Burial: Barker Cemetery, Scotland County, Missouri

..... 3 Asa M. Cossel b: June 18, 1855 in Grove Twp, Davis County, Iowa

d: December 19, 1946 in Near Granger, Scotland County, Missouri Burial:

Barker Cemetery, Scotland County, Missouri Comment 1: 1880 Census: Page

162C, Grove, Davis County, Iowa

......... +Mary Louise Spees b: December 28, 1859 in Birmingham, Van

Buren County, Iowa m: November 25, 1880 in Killwinning, Schuyler County,

Missouri d: March 29, 1949 in Granger, Missouri Father Caster Spees, b.

KY, Mother Eliza C. b. OH

......... 4 William Franklin Cossel b: December 17, 1881 in Davis County,

Iowa d: June 29, 1975 in Scotland County, Missouri Burial: Barker

Cemetery, Scotland County, Missouri

......... 4 Artie Viola Cossel b: July 03, 1884 in Davis County, Iowa

d: September 30, 1967 in Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa

......... 4 Olen Festus Cossel b: January 22, 1890 in Davis County, Iowa

d: April 17, 1972 in Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho Social Security

Number: 519-44-3396

......... 4 Elma Vetrice Cossel b: August 15, 1892 in Davis County, Iowa

d: August 13, 1898 in Davis County, Iowa Burial: Barker Cemetery,

Scotland County, Missouri

..... 3 Rebecca Jane Cossel b: 1858 d: Aft. 1888 Comment 1:

1885 KS census shows children: S.A. age 8; A.L. age 3; A.B. age 2; J.C. age 3

months. Husband J.W. Newland

..... 3 Sarah Belle Cossel b: 1861 in Grove Twp, Davis County, Iowa

d: 1940 in Grove Twp, Davis County, Iowa Burial: Barker Cemetery, Scotland

County, Missouri

. 2 Archibald B. Cassell b: Abt. 1824 in Virginia d: September

23, 1847 in Jefferson County, Iowa

. 2 Abraham Gabriel Cassel b: April 07, 1827 in Washington County,

Virginia d: January 19, 1905 in Quincy, Adams County, Illinois

Burial: January 26, 1905 Soldier's Home Cemetery, Quincy, Adams County,

Illinois Comment 1: Black hair, gray eyes, dark complexion, 5 ft. 10

inches tall. occup: Cooper when enlisted.

. 2 James A. Cassell b: Bef. September 30, 1831 in Virginia d:

Aft. March 16, 1889 in Possibly Galena, Cherokee County, Kansas Comment 1:

1870 Lived in Greenwood County, Kansas

. 2 William Frost Cassel b: October 10, 1832 in Washington County,

Virginia d: March 16, 1902 in Home, Woodland, Yolo County, California

Comment 1: 1850 Arrived in Downieville, CA.

. 2 Elizabeth Cassell b: 1836 in Cole County, Illinois

. 2 Isabel Cassell b: February 20, 1838 in Charleston, Illinois

d: January 09, 1909 in Mt. Sterling, Illinois Burial: Southside Cemetery,

Clayton, Adams County, Illinois Comment 1: Wrote the obit that appeared in

the Woodland paper for May Cassel, died May 19, 1888

. 2 Hiram Franklin Cassell b: August 28, 1843 in Ft. Des Moines, Iowa

d: February 04, 1923 in Kansas City, Missouri Comment 1: September 11, 1904

Admitted to the Illinois Soldiers' & Sailors' Home. Adams Co #6848 Co C 8th

IL Inf.

.. +Mary Polly Woodrum b: 1820 in Indiana m: May 02, 1857 in Coles

County, Illinois d: February 1870 in Fall River Township, Greenwood

County, Kansas Father: Archibald Woodrum Mother: Sarah Sally Johnson

1880 US Census from the LDS census transcription:

Asa Cossel with family and his future wife, Mary Spees with her family......

[Michael Cossel]

M. COSSEL Self M Male W 58 VA Farmer VA VA

Martha [McCord] COSSEL Wife M Female W 58 IN Keeping House


I. [Isaac] COSSEL Son M Male W 31 IA Farmer VA IN

M. J. [Mary Jane Phillips] COSSEL DauL M Female W 25 IN

Keeping House IN IN

Asa COSSEL Son S Male W 22 IA Farmer VA IN

Sarah COSSEL Dau S Female W 18 IA At Home VA IN

Effie COSSEL GDau S Female W 1 IA IA IN

Alice NEWLAND GDau S Female W 3 IA IA IN

Source Information:

Census Place Grove, Davis, Iowa Family History Library Film 1254336

NA Film Number T9-0336 Page Number 162C

Caster SPEES Self M Male W 55 KY Minister PA KY

Eliza C. SPEES Wife M Female W 48 OH Keeping House KY KY

William SPEES Son S Male W 24 KY Farmer KY OH

Mary SPEES Dau S Female W 20 IA Keeping House KY OH

Laura Alice SPEES Dau S Female W 18 IA Keeping House KY OH

Viola SPEES Dau S Female W 16 MO Keeping House KY OH

Lewis SPEES Son S Male W 12 MO Farmer KY OH

Source Information:

Census Place Miller, Scotland, Missouri Family History Library Film


NA Film Number T9-0737 Page Number 233C

Asa M. Cossel, b. June 18, 1855

Notes from Lois Cossel McMillin, 1999:




DECEMBER 19, 1946



Funeral Services at Barker U.

B. Church Sunday

Asa Cossel died at his home near Granger, following an illness of 3 1/2

months, Thursday, Dec. 12, at 8 o'clock.

Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Dan Newland at the U. B. church

Sunday afternoon at one o'clock. Pall bearers were Arthur McWilliam, George

Cossel, Will McWilliam, Thurl Shriver, George Mendenhall and Vaughn Gleason.

Singers were Mrs. Crawford McWilliam, Mrs. Geo. Cossel, Raymond Cossel and

Elmer Weilbrenner, with Mrs. Elmer Weilbrenner, accompanist. Interment was

in the Barker U. B. cemetery.

Mr. Cossel was born in Davis County, Iowa, June 18, 1855, being 91 years

of age last June. He lived in Scotland county 85 years.

He was married near Killwinning, Mo., Nov. 25, 1880, to Mary L. Spees.

He is survived by one daughter and two sons--Mrs. Fred Mann, Granger; Frank

Cossel, Downing, and Olen Cossel, Nampa, Idaho.

He was a member of the U. B. Church. ______________________________________

Transcribed by LGM, Dec. 19, 1998 from newspaper clippings saved by Clara

Turner Cossel ( likely a Scotland county newspaper).

Mary Louise Spees, b. December 28, 1859

Notes from Lois Cossel McMillin, 1999:


Died at Granger - Burial in Barker Cemetery, Thursday

Brief mention was made last week of the death of Mrs. Mary Louise Cossel, 89,

who died at her home at Granger on Tuesday, March 29. Funeral services were

held at the Barker U. B. Church Thursday afternoon, March 31, and interment

was in the cemetery there. Services were conducted by Rev. Dan Newland. Pall bearers were William McWilliam, Arthur McWilliam, Waldo McWilliam, Lou

Rush, Elmer Wilson, and George Cossel. Singers were Raymond Cossel, Elmer

Wilbrenner, Mrs. George Cossel and Mrs. Rosalee Gooden, with Mrs. Florence

Wilbrenner, pianist.

Mary L. Speese was born Dec. 28, 1859 at Birmingham, Iowa.

She was united in marriage to Asa Cossel, Nov. 25, 1880. To this union were

born four children - Frank of Stiles, Iowa, Artie of Granger, and Olin of

Napa, Idaho. Elma died at the age of six years. Surviving are also eight

grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. She was a member of the Barker

U. B. Church.

Transcribed by John V. McMillin II on 3/8/98 from a newspaper clipping of the

Obituary as found by John and Lois on 8/6/98 in a scrapbook at the Memphis,

MO library genealogy room; the obituary clipping was likely from an area

newspaper published in Scotland or Schuyler Co, MO.

Obituary clipping (above) refers to Mrs. Cossel maiden surname as "SPEESE"


Descendants of Asa Cossel

1 Asa M. Cossel b: June 18, 1855 in Grove Twp, Davis County, Iowa

d: December 19, 1946 in Near Granger, Scotland County, Missouri Burial:

Barker Cemetery, Scotland County, Missouri Comment 1: 1880 Census: Page

162C, Grove, Davis County, Iowa

.. +Mary Louise Spees b: December 28, 1859 in Birmingham, Van Buren

County, Iowa m: November 25, 1880 in Killwinning, Schuyler County,

Missouri d: March 29, 1949 in Granger, Missouri Father Caster Spees,

b. KY, Mother Eliza C. b. OH

. 2 William Franklin Cossel b: December 17, 1881 in Davis County, Iowa

d: June 29, 1975 in Scotland County, Missouri Burial: Barker Cemetery,

Scotland County, Missouri

..... +Ethel Leta Becraft b: August 11, 1885 in Davis County, Iowa

m: January 27, 1910 in Scotland County, Missouri d: June 16, 1981 in

Longmont, Colorado Burial: Barker Cemetery, Scotland County, Missouri

Parents: John Harrison & Sara Samanatha Martin Becraft

..... 3 Carl Lewis Cossel b: December 31, 1910 d: September 09,

1954 in Scotland County, Missouri Burial: Barker Cemetery, Scotland County,


..... 3 Glen Harrison Cossel b: April 07, 1915

......... +Veva Ione Stookesberry b: October 23, 1918 in Grove Twp,

Davis County, Iowa m: October 23, 1938

......... 4 Jack Glen Cossel b: May 25, 1942

............. +Sandra Fladt b: Abt. 1942

............. 5 Steven Wayne Cossel b: Abt. 1962 d: 1962

............. 5 Jacqueline Kay Cossel

............. 5 Shawn Glen Cossel b: January 23, 1971

............. 5 Wendy Sue Cossel b: February 26, 1972

......... 4 Donald Max Cossel b: May 25, 1942

............. +Shirley Waffenamth m: September 20, 1980

......... 4 Judith Kay Cossel b: May 23, 1948 d: May 23, 1948

Burial: Barker Cemetery, Scotland County, Missouri

. 2 Artie Viola Cossel b: July 03, 1884 in Davis County, Iowa d:

September 30, 1967 in Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa

..... +Fred Frank Mann b: December 30, 1880 in Grant, Kentucky m:

August 28, 1902 d: January 20, 1946 in Granger, Scotland County, Missouri

..... 3 Daughter Mann b: December 13, 1904 d: December 14, 1906

in Scotland County, Missouri Burial: Barker Cemetery, Scotland County,


..... 3 Floyd Olen Mann b: December 12, 1910 in Downing, Schuyler County,

Missouri d: July 13, 1987 in Denair, Stanislaus County, California

Social Security Number: 566-01-5746

......... +Beatrice Christine Katherine Rossman b: April 25, 1915

m: December 1938 in Columbia, South Dakota

......... 4 Terrence Gene Mann b: May 13, 1939 in Scotland County,


............. +Louise Graham m: May 28, 1959 in California

............. 5 Jeanna Sue Mann b: March 19, 1961 in Stanislaus County,


......... 4 Ronald Kent Mann b: August 28, 1940

............. +Barbara Ann Manowski m: May 28, 1960 in California

............. 5 Jeffrey Scott Mann b: May 29, 1961 in Los Angeles

County, California

................. +Mary Elizabeth Choudoir m: June 26, 1982 in


............. 5 Deborah Lynne Mann b: August 19, 1963 in Los Angeles

County, California

................. +Ronald Keith Kudrowowicz m: December 04, 1982

......... 4 Marla Sue Mann b: November 26, 1947 in Imperial County,


............. +Edward Insley McClain b: March 17, 1945 in Los Angeles

County, California m: December 16, 1970 in Baldwin Park, California

............. 5 Stephen James McClain b: December 12, 1971 in Los

Angeles County, California

............. 5 Julie Christine McClain b: December 12, 1971 in Los

Angeles County, California

..... 3 Daughter Mann b: March 10, 1916 d: March 10, 1916 in

Scotland County, Missouri Burial: Barker Cemetery, Scotland County,


..... 3 Ruby Bernita Mann b: September 29, 1926 in Killwinning,


......... +Hershel Melvin Humphrey b: Bet. 1920 - 1926 m: June 24,

1946 in Kirksville, Missouri

......... 4 Judy Karen Humphrey b: September 08, 1947 in Granger,

Scotland County, Missouri

............. +Richard Dean Greenfield m: September 13, 1963 in

Fairfield, Iowa

............. 5 Dena Kay Greenfield b: July 22, 1964

............. 5 Tony Scott Greenfield

......... 4 Reta Marlene Humphrey b: January 19, 1950

............. +Terry Lane Patton m: August 02, 1968 in Fairfield, Iowa

............. 5 Tammy Lynette Patton b: March 27, 1971

......... 4 Kevin Doyle Humphrey b: January 27, 1959

. 2 Olen Festus Cossel b: January 22, 1890 in Davis County, Iowa

d: April 17, 1972 in Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho Social

Security Number: 519-44-3396

..... +Augusta Sylvia Hougland b: November 22, 1893 in Hayes County,

Nebraska m: Abt. 1911 d: August 01, 1977 in Davis County, Iowa

..... 3 Frances Evelyn Hougland b: January 16, 1912

......... +Rex Johnson m: June 25, 1941

. *2nd Wife of Olen Festus Cossel:

..... +Margaret Jane Shannon b: November 09, 1891 in Kansas m: Abt.

1919 d: February 1980 in Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho Social Security

Number: 519-82-8721

..... 3 Mary Wilma Cossel b: February 28, 1921 in Fountain, El Paso,


......... +William Call m: 1937

......... 4 Patrick Call

......... 4 Michael Call

..... 3 Theodore Glen Cossel b: January 12, 1923 in Fountain, El Paso,

Colorado d: December 09, 1993 in Homedale, Owybee County, Idaho

Social Security Number: 723-03-1464 Railroad worker

......... 4 Timmy Cossel

......... 4 Teri Cossel

......... 4 Tommy Cossel

..... 3 James Shannon Cossel b: March 27, 1925 in Fountain, El Paso,

Colorado d: September 01, 1979 in Marsing, Owyhee, Idaho Social

Security Number: 519-42-0516

......... +Opal Marie Kiester b: November 07, 1925 m: November 17,

1943 in Boise, Ada County, Idaho

......... 4 Karen Lee Cossel b: August 27, 1944

......... 4 John Olen Cossel b: July 10, 1948

......... 4 Sandra Kay Cossel b: Abt. 1950

......... 4 Margaret Jo Cossel b: July 29, 1958 in Fountain, El Paso,


..... 3 Bonnie Sue Cossel b: June 11, 1931 in Fountain, El Paso,


......... +George Raymon Agee m: October 14, 1956 in Boise, Ada County,


. 2 Elma Vetrice Cossel b: August 15, 1892 in Davis County, Iowa

d: August 13, 1898 in Davis County, Iowa Burial: Barker Cemetery, Scotland

County, Missouri

----$200$Jeretta S Followell 12/31/2002

I just mailed some genealogy & a few pictures to your house, hopefully they will be waiting when you return home. I sent the two church documents of Conrad & Frederick 's baptism, do not have one for Henry and couldn't find the source for Henry being a brother of Frederick. Will look further.  This computer and especially the internet really make me feel like one dumb grandmother!! It is so foreign to me that I have a problem remembering what I have learned from one time to the next time I get ready to use it. My grandchildren are all growing up with it from the time they are born and very good at it. Our 10 grandchildren range from 6mo to 23yr. It would help to have more time to spend on genealogy, of course I just have to many interests & hobbies and since Richard's retirement in in 1998 we have traveled a lot, mostly to see our children and families. He loves to travel and especially since he has already lost the sight in one eye and may lose it in his other eye as well. Well so much for our problems.
I will try to answer your questions.            
                 Schwabda: Bruno T. gives some info in his letters that he wrote to Mary Syphus.  I will scan those and make you copies and mail you later.     I did receive the genealogy but I will have to wait till she has time to help me retrieve it.  Same thing with the Spees pictures and other web sites. Right now Rick & Teresa's 2 sons , our 2 oldest grandchildren or both home from college and just back from a trip to Dallas to visit our daughter & her family, so I know Teresa wants to spend all the time she can with them. I think Jay,age 20 is planning a ski trip to CO. before he goes back to college. He went to college in Alaska but will return to Murary St. closer to home in a few days.

Question #5 The info I just mailed you has some info about occupations and where they lived. Some of the info I wrote for the McCracken Ky History Book & the Graves Co. History Book published by Turner Publishing.   

# 6 & 7  I want to share any and all the Spees info and  I would love to have your dad's autobiography and Doy's also. For the last several  years I have been trying to find time to write at least a short story about each one of my dad's family, so wish me luck that I can do that in 2003. I seem to be getting bumpted off a lot lately so I will close.


----$210$Jeretta S Followell 12/31/2002

Hi E. A few more tidbits !!!! Located this line in my records. Do not have this line on my FTM  program but on a simple EZT (Easy Tree Maker) that Teresa gave me when I first got my Computer.

I do not have this disc anymore but have a print out of info that I had on it. Parents of Mary Louisa Spees who m. Asa Cossel is Joseph Carter & Eliza C. Taylor. Joseph C. or JC Spees was son of Christon & Mary Young Spees. When we went to the spees reunion in Memphis Mo. went the Barker Cem. and I made pictures , one was of Joseph Carters grave marker. He was a minister also. Maybe someday I will develope the "know-how " to find so many different Spees lines . I still get excited to find a line that has come down through all these many years to the present generation.

Thanks again for your computer knowledge & skills. I think they still have the Spees Reunion in Aug. in Memphis MO. or Keokuk Iowa. They alternate years.

----$220$Jeretta S Followell 12/31/2002

Hi, Glad you got my e-mail, I think I left out a link in the Cossel/Spees info; Frederick Spees son of Frederick Sr. & Elizabeth Mozier, married Martha Downard on Nov.9,1826 in Bracken CO. KY. I guess he is the same one that married Martha G. Ky. in 1807. Will send you a lists of Bracken Co. Marriages. The info that I submitted to the County History Books by Turner is the only Spees info in them so I will make you a copy of those pages. There are other Spees stories in the Livingston CO. History Book & the Hardin Co. Il. book, I do not have thoes books but I have copies of the Spees pages which I will copy & send to You Erma Miller Clark gave me her Hardin Co History Book when she moved into a nursing home but later she wanted it back for a while.  Erma is descended from Wm. Spees. I must tell you sometime how I got in touch with her. Bye for now. J.

----$230$EKS 12/31/2002

Here are the latest iterations of the genalogy in pdf format for the

ekssr.tripod site. I thought it would work best if we simplify the pedigree

and add each additional part as a module with index.

Could I as a favor ask you to correct a typo on the site? UNder the 1910

family photo the word "phjoto" is an obvious typo, embarrasing because it was

my typo error.

Also if you could add: Everett Jr. writes, "Now I bet...." This tells the

reader who is saying the following words. DONE

I am working on a few paragraphs to place between the pdf outputs to cite

what we know about the foregoing individuals. This would be added to as we

flesh out the site. For example, something about Pvt. Spies's history in the

Rev. War, etc. Do you think we could import the Erbprinz Hessian regimental

flag image for the first little paragraph? I sent you that link a few days

ago. Another site shows a Hessian uniform that would look good there.

Then, it would be good to have a link page with little annotations about what

the links can be used for. We are now finding more links to Spees stuff, both

URL's and addresses of family genealogists. Alternatively, the links could be

in the explanatory paragraph they most related to. What is your thought on


Love, Everett

----$240$EKS 12/31/2002

SpeesGen1-5-0103.pdf Link copied to genealogy page without comment.

----$250$EKS 12/31/2002

SpeesGen6-9-01-01-03.PDF  Link copied to genealogy page without comment.