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Mary Alice (Spees) Golden on the balcony of the Spees household in Erlangen, Germany, at age 14

in 1946. She was known as an "Army Brat" because her fathers' career was the Army Air Corps  and the family followed wherever he went. In new locations it was always known that they came to town with the military.

Jenna Leigh Golden, aged 10 in 2001, is the daughter of Darwin's and Mary Alice's son William Eric Golden.  

She lived in Greensboro, North Carolina, at the time.

Meredith Leigh Golden, aged 14 in 2001, is the eldest of William Eric Golden's two children.  She is seen here with her date for a dance.

Thayer Fay Stepner is the younger daughter of Mary Alice's eldest child, Diane Elizabeth Golden Price. This was 2001, when Thayer was 15. She was going to a party. She lived in Denver, Colorado.


Adam John McGuire (right), shaking hands with Wellington Webb, the mayor of Denver, in 2001, after being named to the Mile Hi Scholar honorary organization. Adam is to graduate from high school in 2002.  He is the youngest son of Laura Jeanne Golden.


7Adam John McGuire, Age 18, in his high school senior photo, 2002. Adam is the son of Laura Jeanne Golden Raile, the second daughter of Darwin and Mary Alice Golden.He lived in Denver, Colorado.


Below is Hannah Golden Stepner and above left is Thayer Fay Stepner (daughters of Diane Golden Price) and Elizabeth Laura McGuire (daughter of Laura Golden Raile). They all lived in Denver, Colorado, in 2001.

Elizabeth Laura McGuire(daughter of Laura Golden Raile) attended Colorado University and was in her sophmore year in 2000.  Home was Denver, Colorado.

.Darwin and Mary Alice Spees Golden (left) celebrating Mary Alice's 70th birthday, at Heritage Square. Two of the friends attending were:Marge Sullivan (right of Mary Alice) and Sarah Spees (Everett K. Spees Sr.s' second wife). Heritage Square, Colorado. April 2002.

Thayer Fay Stepner (left) and Hannah Golden Stepner. Heritage Square, Colorado. April, 2002. 


Jaya Shyam Johnson (granddaughter-in-law of Darwin and Mary Alice Golden, daughter-in-law of Laura Raile). 

.Elizabeth Laura McGuire and Mary Alice Golden, May, 2002. Celebrating Chad Johnson's birthday (Chad is the son of
of Laura Golden Raile and the brother of Elizabeth and Adam McGuire and Matthew Johnson).

.Laura Golden Raile. May 2002, at a party for Chad Michael Johnson (Laura Raile's second son).

Chadwick Michael Johnson with his mother Laura Golden Raile, at his 25th birthday party. May 2002.

Bill Golden of Greensboro, N.C., with his
mother and sister. Sister Laura Golden Raile is at left,
Mother Mary Alice Golden at right. In Greensboro, N.C.,
March 2002.



Bill and Mollie Golden, of Greensboro, N.C., March 2002, in Greensboro

Jenna Golden(Left) and Meredith Golden (right) of Greensboro, N.C. and their cousin Adam McGuire , of Denver, Co. in March of 2002. In Greensboro 

Laura Golden Raile and Scott Raile, her husband, at the graduation party at Hannah Golden Stepner's home. June 5, 2002.

Dan Stepner, father of Hannah Golden Stepner, at her graduation party, June 5, 2002.



Mary Alice(Spees)Golden and her husband, Darwin Golden,  at Hannah Golden Stepners' graduation party. June 5, 2002


Mary Alice Golden, at Hannah Golden Stepner's graduation, June 5, 2002.

Hannah Golden Stepner, who graduated from Foothills Academy on June 5, 2002, at her graduation party.

Hannah Stepner and some of her fellow graduates, at her party, June 5,2002.



Laura Jeanne Golden Raile and her father, Darwin Golden, celebrating Fathers' Day. The the air was murky because of ash and smoke in the air from a huge wildfire, in the mountains of Colorado. This picture was taken in Littleton, Co., far  removed from the fire. June, 2002.


Diane Elizabeth Golden Price, with her Dad (Darwin Golden) on Fathers' Day, June 16, 2002.


Matthew David Johnson ( first grandchild of Darwin andMary Alice Golden)age 26, June 5, 2002. Denver, Colorado.